Over the years, I have seen a lot of "diets" come and go, and also watched people take their eating to the extreme with ultra-strict eating plans. I have seen the highs and lows of the various approaches, from the Atkins / low carb diets, to South Beach diets. Instead of turning to strict nutritions or diets, cutting out all of any given food, or avoiding social functions, I have put together a way of eating that involves balance and variety. Many people who are naturally in shape already do a lot of the things I will describe, and yet, most people don't understand or practice these concepts. Even though genetics does play a role, there is a larger component that deals with our current metabolic rate, and we all have significant control over this via our everyday eating and activity. So perhaps this is less about food and more about how to speed up your metablism so you can enjoy the foods you like, and live a balanced life while being healthy. I won't fool you, this isn't easy, but it really works!

I know that so far this is rather vague, but there will be more to come!